Who We Are?

about us

LOKEN, also known as Lokal Energy, is a subsidiary of Barium Selat Group, dedicated to the advancement of high-performance biofuels derived from local waste materials. Our primary focus lies in meeting the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions across the South East Asia (SEA) region. In response to the increasing need for sustainable chemicals, we are proud to introduce the first-ever renewable complex, the Carbon Cycle Complex, in the Asia Pacific region.

The Carbon Cycle Complex would encompass a range of specialized biorefineries, accompanied by a state-of-the-art research and development centre. Through the implementation of groundbreaking technologies, our aim is to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and spearhead the country’s energy transition. At LOKEN, we are fully committed to fostering sustainability and promoting eco-friendly practices within the transportation and industrial sectors. Our team is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation, making significant strides in renewable energy, and contributing to a more sustainable world.


Our vision is to establish Asia Pacific’s first Carbon Cycle Complex by 2035

our Mission

To produce our first drop of SAF by 2025

To lead the energy transition of the country

To provide solutions towards the country’s waste issues

To advance the adoption of green technologies in the country

Meet the team

Kathi Swaran

chief executive officer

16 years of experience in several countries in technical, operations, sales,and company growth. Founder of Barium Selat Sdn Bhd

Rozali sidek

chief investment officer

26 years of experience in Oil & Gas industry. Currently, he is responsible for fund raising as well as investment portfolio within various Barium Selat subsidiaries.

Navin Kumar

Chief Operating Officer

20 years in ON Semiconductor. Currently, he is the Chief Operation Officer under Barium Selat Group.

Wan Affendy

Business Development Director

Over 19 years of experience participating in international projects and domestic government mega-national projects. The Business Development Director of Loken.

Hemesh NK

Project Lead

Has background in research and development of green based oil. He ensures the successful completion of projects for LOKEN.

Riana Suaib

Project Lead

Involved in the development of various drilling fluid products, and has a thorough understanding of the drilling fluid industry.

Jeya Seelan

Finance Manager

He took over responsibility for the accounts and finance department for the Barium Selat group.

Abdul Rahman

Finance Lead

Finance Lead He holds a role in the Finance team at Barium Selat Group (Holding Company of LOKEN) and concurrently serves as the Finance Lead for LOKEN’s multimillion- dollar SAF project.

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